The Dutch healthcare sector

The Dutch healthcare sector is an important pillar of the Dutch economy with a turnover of approximately 75 billion euros. The costs of the Dutch healthcare sector continue to grow. This is mainly caused by an increased demand for healthcare due to increased treatment options together with growth and ageing of the Dutch population.

SJMG Health Investments believes that innovation through IT solutions can play a significant role in making healthcare better and more efficient so it stays affordable in the future.

The main providers of loan capital (banks and insurance companies) have been forced to tighten up their policies due to new legislation as a result of the credit- and debt crunch. This makes it increasingly difficult for healthcare organisations to raise sufficient loan capital to finance further growth and innovation.

Private equity can be a solution. This is where the opportunity lies for a new, sustainable and healthy form of healthcare financing.

SJMG Health Investments aims to play a prominent role here.