Investment Strategy


SJMG Health Investments is an independent investment corporation that focuses on the Dutch healthcare sector. We participate in healthcare organisations such as private clinics and independent treatment centres (ZBC's). We also focus on IT initiatives, particularly in the field of eHealth and Digital Health. We prefer to invest in innovative businesses with sufficient potential for growth and a strong management team that successfully responds to social developments.


Value creation

SJMG Health Investments' strategy has a strong focus on obtaining a sustainable competitive advantage by creating value for all stakeholders, especially patients, medical specialists, management teams and investors. In SJMG Health Investments' vision, value creation is the realisation of high-quality care through continuous innovation, combined with an excellent return on investment.


From start-ups to mature companies

SJMG Health Investments participates in various types of companies. This ranges from start-up funding to investments in mature companies that need growth capital.


Minority and majority interest 

It is not always necessary to have decisive control. SJMG Health Investments participates both through minority and majority interests. This depends on the type of business and quality of management.


Short and long term investment periods

As SJMG Health Investments has no fund structure, there is no fixed term for the duration of investments. We offer both short- and long term investment periods. This allows for much more flexibility and creates room for customisation.



It is SJMG Health Investments' vision that a company's management team is an important partner that co-invests and plays an important role in the organisation's tactical and strategic policy. Consequently, apart from formal control, there is also responsibility for and dependence on the results of the organisation. SJMG Health Investments actively cooperates with the management teams of the participating companies, in order to develop these companies together.